The idea of Apprenticeship for the Development of Design Thinking (ADDET) project is to increase the employability and problem-solving competences of VET students. Nowadays, problem solving is one of the most vital competences since it copes with the changes in our society. In addition, it enables students to face complex life, academic, professional and interpersonal matters as they grow up. Students develop problem solving skills at different levels, however it’s crucial that students know how to tackle problems with courage and creativity, in particular as they learn to deal with setbacks or the resolution of conflicts.

The ADDET project aims at developing an apprenticeship model for upper secondary and higher VET students for the development of their problem solving skills through the application of design thinking methodology. In addition, ADDET aims to support trainers in VET schools and companies that will implement the apprenticeship model and will design, support and asses the apprenticeship programme. Through the ADDET project, VET-company partnerships will be established for the validation of the apprenticeship model and a set of seminars for trainers will be organised.

The project intends to develop three core intellectual outputs (IO). The first IO consists in developing an apprenticeship model for the acquisition of problem-solving competences and design thinking mindset. This model is about developing a sustainable business solution, based on real problems of the company that host the apprenticeships. The second IO that will be produced by the project is a trainers’ guide in VET organizations and companies aiming to support the design, implementation, management, evaluation and validation of the apprenticeship model. The third IO of the ADDET is about creating partnerships between VET providers and companies for the successful implementation of the apprenticeship model.

The partnership includes 7 partners from 7 different countries: CEIG from Romania, zbb from Germany, KISMC from Bulgaria, APDNE from Turkey, IDEC from Greece, CESIE from Italy and Magenta from Spain.

Moreover, the project is expected to produce an impact at local/regional/national and European levels. In effect, ADDET will contribute to the promotion of apprenticeships and the development of networks and partnerships between VET organizations and companies. Additionally, the project will contribute to the promotion of apprenticeship at EU level.
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