Best Practice Germany –

„Health Day …„ at a big supermarket chain in Germany. The concept: the health counter for mixing of smoothies is situated in the fruit and vegetables department of the market. This created a nice atmosphere for the self-test treadmill where consumers and employees alike could experience to great astonishment how long it takes to burn the calories of a healthy smoothie compared to a chocolate bar.

In an advisory role the originators supplied the participants with warm-up exercises, printed material regarding nutrition and recipes to mix their own smoothies at home.

Apprentices plan and implement a health day at their supermarket. They bring the topic „health” into focus not only for the participants but to other employees and customers, too. The future team leaders build management experience and are responsible for the success of their project. The participators are able to integrate own ideas and concepts into the project. As a group they learn to handle challenges and to inspire others with their idea, to support of a positive image of the supermarket they work in.

Aims: to promote the health-life issues, especially health-nutrition; developing of teamwork and managing skills.

Benefits: attraction of customers´ attention and interaction with them; support of a positive image of the supermarket.

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