Best Practice Turkey –

The project is leaded by Ministry of education.The responsible institution in Antalya scale is the ADDET project partner,The local authority of education in Antalya city(Antalya İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü). The project aims to offer information or support facilitating the lives of families and any pecuniary or non-pecuniary help making them delighted and happy as a community service by local means within a certain plan and project. Under the project, vocational and technical education students along with their teachers perform minor maintenance and repair work for the houses of poor persons or persons in need in the locality of their respective schools and repair their goods which are unusable or old in their houses or make small repairs requiring the replacement of some equipment. Up to now, 13,217 teachers and 39,197 students have performed minor repair, maintenance and repair work in the houses of 53,886 persons in need in the neighborhood/region where the school is located and have carried out information activities that facilitate their lives within this project.

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