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Soci@ll is a European project carried out by CESIE with the aims of fostering social inclusion and multicultural learning in education and training systems supported by a holistic and whole school approach that ensures the full involvement of the end-users/beneficiaries (students, teachers, local authorities, and local communities). During the project, the creation of the local social labs has fostered and supported cross-sectorial relations at local and European level as well as it has created really inclusive and participatory learning opportunities. 

The Social Lab is a community of practice/network/group of engaged participants, who meet face to face to share experiences and work together in a collaborative way, to address local challenges and problems with the aim of the design and test solutions and concrete actions. During the labs, local authorities were able to find effective solutions to different problems based on an emerging and innovative method: this method is different from the traditional labs’ approach as it requires a team that reflects the social diversity of the challenge addressed.

Finally, local authorities involved other stakeholders and key actors from different backgrounds: teachers, students, headmasters, families and carers.

The entire school community will be the main beneficiary of the project, because will be engaged in a collaborative action with the community at large.

School-to-work alternation: an innovative teaching method which, through practical experience, helps to consolidate the theoretical knowledge acquired at school and to test the students’ aptitudes in practice, to enrich their education and to guide their study

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